Decorating “one-stop-shop”

We are a one-stop-shop with no fuss, no hassle for quality decorating. Our customer service desk can help you to digitize your logo, and help you with your embroidery, embossing, Heat Transfer and Silk Screening requirements.

Over 90% of our customers use embroidery, why?

Embroidery is a classic time-honoured method of embellishing garments with an authentic high quality representation of your logo…

Over thousands of years, embroidery techniques have been refined from the traditional hand stitched art form to the high tech, high speed computerized machines of today, offering complex designs with hundreds of custom colour choices.

Todays embroidery machines can turn almost any image into a high quality embroidered logo, that is wear and tear proof, and will survive almost any wash & wear regimen. It is far and away our most popular decorating option, and over 90% of our decorated garments are embroidered.

With over 200 thread colours in stock and full time experienced operators, we can complete your order on time.

Want to Differentiate you’re logo even more?

If you’re looking to differentiate yourself from embroidery, or if you want to decorate your garment with multi color designs such as photographs, It might be preferable to use Digital Printing or Heat Transfer. If you’re looking on printing a large design which may be difficult to embroider we suggest using Silk Screen. It can also be the most economical printing method.,

Custom Sourcing

Hollywood Fashion brings the world to your door. Whether you want the best price possible for something you have seen or are looking for a totally unique product, we are the answer. To be clear – you can have whatever you want. Here’s How:

If it is a product you have seen…

Your part is

  1. any changes you want made

  2. The quantity

  3. The Price point you are trying to hit

  4. The timing – when you need it.

Our part is

  1. We will have a quote to you within 2-3days

  2. We will have alternatives or suggestions, if they make sense.

When it is a custom design…

Your part is

  1. A rough sketch or description.

  2. A target price or budget

  3. The quantity

  4. The timing

  5. If you describe the promotional campaign we can also make suggestions that are within the budget.

Our part is

  1. We will have a quote to you within 5-7days

  2. We will have a quote for the product(s) and a artwork or drawing.

Sometimes the quote is perfect. In those cases we will make a final production artwork; have that approved by the client; establish terms; produce sample for approval if necessary; then produce and deliver. Sometimes changes are required… the feedback you provide may result in alterations. In those cases we go back to the process until client’s expectations is surpassed.

In Summary, Our services include:



Domestic Prototyping

Production Management

Quality Control

Full Freight forwarding & brokerage


Main Services


Custom embroidery


Customized style with logo


Customized with logo